it's not easy being cheesy
y u suk
My name is Amanda, I’m 19 and am currently a freshman majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. I like hot guys and fries. I don't really know how to communicate. PeAcE aNd BlEsSiNgS 2 u all~

% done

Amazing how fast you can go from feeling like shit to really feeling like shit.

Cute guy in the study lounge lol wtf do I do with my arms.

Voted most antisocial in high school.

Physically feel ill about my Bio test but not enough to make myself study more.

Scared shitless about my Bio test on Wednesday, yet I’m on Tumblr.

Story of My Life music video hit me right in the feels.

How was I not aware of the music video FOB released for Just One Yesterday three weeks ago??????

Today started off really shitty, but now it’s fantastic.

Just found free full PDFs of my textbooks for university that I can read on my iPad and not have to carry books around hell yeah fucking right.

I hate when you show someone a video or play them a song and they talk the entire time. STFU AND WATCH AND LISTEN TO THE QUALITY MEDIA I HAVE PRESENTED U WITH.

If you favorite a tweet that someone you follow retweeted, does it notify them?

Fuck I’m tired but can I sleep noooope.

My boyfriend is the cutest. C:

My boyfriend is the cutest. C:

Pretty sure I’ve wasted at least 5 years of my life playing The Sims 3.

Haven’t talked to people in days bc Sims.