it's not easy being cheesy
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My name is Amanda, I’m 19 and am currently a freshman majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. I like hot guys and fries. I don't really know how to communicate. PeAcE aNd BlEsSiNgS 2 u all~

% done

yunarucami-remade said: dude stealing posts isnt cool

No it isn’t.

nihility-in-bloom said: Amanda why is your blog so perfect? T____________T


Anonymous said: How many followers do you have?


nihility-in-bloom said: That woman. Was an ASS. >.>

nihility-in-bloom said: And there wasn't even a dent on her car. It was like one of those dry scratches that you can rub off.... >>____>>

misssbeautiful said: hey people exposed/talking crap on you this site, heres the link just thought id tell you

Thanks for the SPAM.

coupdelamort said: This summer, still waiting.


Anonymous said: Would you say that all-in-all, you're a happy person?

I would. I’m living the good life, for the most part.

weweretofragile said: sorry but ive been dying to know what your song is that is playing on your tumblr cause its A-MAZING

Haha. It’s Empathy by Crystal Castles and it is quite amazing.

Anonymous said: What kinda stuff do you listen to?
I just ask because that song on your page is seriously amazing.

I listen to a variety, but my favorite genre is probably Alternative. Empathy is an amazing song!

outer---space said: What kind of stuff did you post in eighth grade? :P

Just really stupid text posts all the time. If you go through my “personal posts” tag and scroll down to where there are older posts, you’ll see. I also posted a lot of sappy picture type posts because apparently I was really sappy in 8th grade.

uneventful-y0uth said: do you know what movie that gif is from that says "d'ya wanna make out in the rain?" thank you!

I think it’s from The Amazing Spiderman. 

sophieturning said: YOU’RE IT! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful people/blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful❤

But really though, you’re very sweet. Thanks. <3

Anonymous said:

Lol, thanks anon. Made my day.

obaraxsand said: Nice blog babe. c:

Thanks love. You’re beautiful! Have a lovely day.